Retro Wedding Theme Part I retro wedding flower theme

Retro wedding themes are a popular throw back.  Setting themselves apart from the trendy vintage wedding theme, retro weddings take elements from classic pop culture and at times using vintage finds to create a fun playful look.  Pair a fun location with the right wedding flowers and you’ll have the start of a totally rad wedding day.’s recent wedding photo shoot gives us some colorful wedding flower, retro wedding inspiration.  The retro wedding flower choices are a blast of powerful color, which sets the tone for a vibrant, playful wedding day. gerbera daisy retro wedding flowers

Found throughout the DIY retro wedding flower bouquets and centerpieces in this theme are gerbera daisy wedding flowers.  Gerbera daisy wedding flowers are a simple floral choice with a traditional look; large deep centers with colorful petals.  Color options are bright and bold as seen in the play of primary colors, red, blue and yellow in these DIY wedding ideas.

A blast of colorful retro wedding flowers set the tone for your wedding day, but bring it home with the right location.  Look for a fun, non-traditional reception setting like’s retro amusement park locale.  How about a retro diner or ice cream shoppe, a roller skating rink or drive in?

If you can’t make it to one of these actual locations make sure and grab some fabulously, rad prop ideas.  An amusement park setting think vintage, hand-painted signs for rides and tickets, popcorn, cotton candy and photo booths.  An ice cream shoppe think sundae bar with classic glass dishes, classic ice cream choices with some vinyl and checker patterns.

Retro weddings are a playful, fun take on American staples.  Take favorites from by gone, happy go lucky days and style yourself a special memorable  wedding day.  Stop back next week for Retro Wedding Theme Part II, where we’ll break down some DIY retro wedding bouquet and centerpiece ideas.


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