Red Purple Orange Sunflower Bouquet ~ Wedding Inspiration Board


Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Michaelwill Photography

{Pearl’s Request}
My daughter is getting married in Sept. the bridesmaid dress is a dark brown and it says apple red but it looks burgundy (dark red) and she likes sunflowers, roses, and she likes blue and purple; can you do anything with this. Any suggestions?

{Bouquet Details}
This wispy wildflower looking sunflower bouquet via The Knot is recreated with Bright Yellow Sunflowers, Burgundy Mums, Violet Purple Cosmos, White Daisies, Lavender Blue Lavender Sprays, Dark Orange Rose Buds, Curly Branches, and Mint Greenery.  The Hand-Tied Sunflower & Cream Rudbeckia Bouquet would make a perfect base for the bride’s bouquet or a bridesmaids bouquet.  To finish, wrap with delicate White Sheer Chiffon Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy