Bridal Showcase – Andra’s Real Wedding Photos

“Hello, my name is Andra and I was married August 7th 2010 in Johnstown NY. I just wanted to share a few pics of my wedding. The flowers that I purchased were AMAZING I had so many people say that can’t believe that the flowers did not wilt!!! I have also suggested Afloral over a dozen times. I am so happy that I decided to go with Afloral – I will always have my bouquet!

So just to give you an Idea of what I used: Bride Bouquet was one purple and green ranunculus, and yellow and white sprays of ranunculus. I then handed wrapped the stems with ribbon in daffodil yellow. Both girls in the wedding had the purple ranunculus bouquets. The guys had yellow rose boutonnieres. Both mothers had the white ranunculus bouquets (they loved them)! And to top it off I had mini pumpkin pies that I decorated with yellow and white ranunculus.

Thank you so much!
Newly Mrs. Andra”


  1. Beautiful, simple arrangements. i will be stealing your idea for an event in the spring. Thanks and lots of happy years together. Bonnie

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