Real or Silk Wedding Flowers?

Wedding flowers require a lot of planning.   Once you pick your type and colors of wedding flowers your planning isn’t over.   Real wedding flowers require forethought and accommodations made the day of your wedding to keep them fresh and looking their best.  Getting married in the hot summer weathers you have to ensure wedding flowers wont wilt in the heat, and in the late fall to winter months that they wont freeze.

Settling and planning on wedding flowers you also have to acknowledge you can’t have access to styled wedding flowers you might fall in love with in your bridal magazine.  In a recent post on weddings, Susan Southerland enlightens us on the  Top 10 Wedding Myths Busted.

Her number one myths is: “Flowers come in every color of the rainbow and/or I can get what I find on Google Images.”   Susan warns images you see in magazines and online have been styled to capture a specific look.  “Lighting and Photoshop can drastically change the way flowers, linens and gowns look.”

Beware of dying wedding flowers to get a certain hue, Susan shares “the tint can bleed onto your gown“.  Silk wedding flowers are a great alternative that can offer you a variety of colors real wedding flowers can’t.

Silk wedding flowers are an alternative that might offer you more options in several ways.  Weighing silk wedding flowers vs. real wedding flowers, you can get preferred types of flowers without having to check if they are in season.  Silk wedding flowers can come in a variety of colors real flowers can’t be found in without having to use artificial dyes.  Silks can be ordered in bulk and months in advance if you’re looking to do your our DIY wedding flower arrangements.

So I have to ask you silks or real wedding flowers?  Which do you prefer? silk wedding flower arrangements

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