Purple & Orange Wedding Flowers ~ Alisha’s Inspiration Board

Alisha writes:  Mindy….help, please! We are doing tall eiffel vases and want various shades of purple and orange for the centerpieces. We are also doing our own bouquets. I don’t know how to mix and match what flowers!

Alisha-Orange-Purple Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Jenn Hopkins Photography |  Floral Designer:  Rachael Kasie Designs
via The Knot

To recreate and view the floral stems used to in this colorful inspiration bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 2 Purple Ranunculus Sprays
  2. 3 Cymbidium Green Orchids
  3. 5 Yellow Orange Tulips
  4. 4 Purple Hydrangea Blooms
  5. 3 Orange Ranunculus Sprays
  6. White Lace Ribbon to wrap your bouquet
  7. 1 Orange Tulip & Ranunculus Bloom for Boutonniere