Purple Hydrangea Bouquet ~ Carolyn’s Inspiration Board

Our bride Carolyn is on a tight wedding budget and she wants her bouquets stay within $14.  Her bridesmaids dresses colors are chiffon purple and a dull lavender chiffon. The wedding colors are purple and turquoise.  Flowers for the wedding are majority purple hydrangeas.  We have many ways to help save money and stay within her budget.


Bouquet Inspiration Photo: Kate Murphy Photography  |  Floral Designer:  Cary Allyn and Terri Barton
via Oncewed

To recreate Carolyn’s Bouquets on a tight budget:

  1. Cut apart the Purple Hydrangea Bush to create 7 individual blooms.
  2. You can use 2-3 blooms per bouquets
  3. A second option is our Premade Hydrangea Bouquet in Shades of Purple
  4. Add Purple Ranunculus {3 Stems} to bride’s bouquet
  5. To finish wrap each bouquet with Turquoise Satin Ribbon