Purple & Blue Wedding Flowers ~ Lexie’s Inspiration Board


{Lexie’s Request}
Hi Mindy…we are having a late November 2013 wedding. It is the second wedding for both of us and it will be a fun, very family oriented Friday evening. As it is my second wedding, I chose to wear color rather than white (never really liked white to begin with!). I am wearing a dress that is a deep shade of teal. My fiance will be wearing a grey western style suit, with black cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. ( I don’t want to go too crazy on the Western theme though.) We like the colors found in peacock feathers, the deep blues, purples, greens and teals. We will likely avoid using the actual feathers though as my sister used all feathers, no flowers for her wedding. Just not sure how to infuse the colors into a bouquet that will coordinate with my dress. We will also have burlap on the ivory tablecloths decorated with vintage-looking handmade paper flowers to add some color and texture. We would like something simple as a centerpiece with our colors in mind. We like the idea of small vases with one flower in each or something similar. We don’t like the look of Mason jars and I don’t like roses…other than that, we are pretty open minded. Thanks for your help!!!

{Lexie’s Bouquet Details}
This colorful bouquet via Bouquet Wedding Flower is recreated with Dark Purple Anemones, Lavender Lisianthus, Violet Ranunculus, Turquoise Peonies, Blue Orchids, and Purple Hydrangeas.  The Anemone, Lisianthus & Rose Bouquet in similar colors can be your bridesmaid bouquet.  To finish this unique bouquet, wrap with Turquoise and Royal Blue Ribbon.   Use the Turquoise and Violet Gerbera Daisies or Ranunculus for the single flower in your Centerpiece Vases.  Happy Planning, Mindy