Picking Your Wedding Flowers

A bride to-be has a lot of decision making when it comes to picking the right wedding flowers.  Wedding flowers have a big impact on the look of your special day.  A bride wants her flower choices to reflect her personal taste, work within an allotted budget, and also speak for the look the couple wants on their wedding day.  That’s quite a bit to take in.

If you’re currently tossing around this complex decision of what wedding flowers to go with for your big day, I’ve come across some wonderful advice in a recent article from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette online.  Margaret LeRoux from Worcester Living discusses the importance of wedding flowers and points us in the right direction with tons of great tips from Worcester florists in Bunches of Love: Finding the Right Wedding Flowers.

The following quotes are just a few of the fabulous tips she’s pulled from area experts on the topic of planning and picking the right wedding flowers.
“Flowers are important in setting the mood and tone of the wedding,” said Sean Maher, floral designer at La Jolie Fleur in Worcester.  Echoing his sentiment Virginia Orlando, co-owner of Seed to Stem, which is moving in June to Worcester from its current location in Sterling, agrees that flowers “create the vibe for the wedding.”

Orlando goes on to comment on some current wedding flowers trends, saying, “We’re seeing lots of muted pastels in bridal bouquets and off-white, cream and green, though some brides want bright colors, usually blue or purple for punch.” Veteran Worcester florist Cathy Walsh, proprietor of Sprout says, “No matter if the color choice is subdued or bright, the big thing now is texture.  Everyone wants succulents, pods, berries or creeping vines in their bouquets.”

Some of the florist give more advice on picking the right wedding flowers that reflect your personal taste, and note not to go with something that is outside your comfort zone.  And as you can see, current trends also affect what’s “in” with wedding flowers.  Right now white, off-white and muted pastel wedding flowers are  big.  White rose, hydrangea, dahlia and peony wedding flower bouquets are popular with this trend.  Also  for the texture trend in wedding bouquets. Succulents like echeveria, baby agave and lambs ear are a great accent.

photo credits: texture wedding bouquet with sprays- greenweddingshoes.com; texture bouquet with baby’s breath and peacock feathers-site.advantagebridal.com; “stunning succulent bouquet”- polkadotbride.com

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