Peacock Wedding Flowers ~ Alisha’s Inspiration Board

Alisha writes:
My wedding is September 12th and I don’t have a big index on flowers. I don’t want anything to big that’s going to block my view but I would like some of the flowers to hang down to about above the knee. My colors are a lime green, dark purple, and I want a little bit of royal blue and light blue incorporated into it for the peacock wedding theme.

Alisha-PeacockBouquet Floral Designer:  Flowers By Darcy
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To recreate this Cascading Peacock Feather Bouquet, please click HERE:

  1. 5 Blue Orchids
  2. 5 Blue Roses
  3. 5-7 Cream & Purple Calla Lilies
  4. Purple Iris & Lilacs
  5. Cream Suzette Roses
  6. 1 Hanging Ivy Bush
  7. 1 Bundle Peacock Feathers
  8. Royal Blue Satin Ribbon