Orange & Royal Blue Wedding Flowers ~ Amanda’s Inspiration Board

blue-orange-AmandaBouquet Inspiration Photo:  Elizabeth Bradford Photography

{Amanda’s Request}
We wanted a royal blue an white and neon orange country themed wedding.  My Fiance is in US Army we have a 6 month old daughter.  When he comes back from basic training and his school in July we are getting marred.  The bridesmaids dress are royal blue.   My dress is white with a neon orange ribbon around my waist.  I need help with the flowers.  I was thinking white an neon orange flowers for the bridesmaids and my flowers be royal blue an neon orange and a little bit white.  Can you help THANK YOU.

{Amanda’s Bouquet Details}
This colorful bridal bouquet via The Knot can be recreate with Orange Roses, Red~Orange Berries, Blue Hydrangeas, White Stephanotis, Wheat Sprays, and Eucalyptus Greenery.  For your bridesmaids gather the Orange Roses and accent with White Stephanotis Sprays.  To finish each bouquet, wrap with Burlap~Jute Ribbon.  We thank your Fiance’ for his service to our country.  Happy Planning, Mindy