Non-Traditional Wedding Flower Accents

Tuesday’s post highlighted some fun summer wedding ideas, Carnival, State Fair and DIY Beatles inspired weddings, while also showcasing a few fabulous wedding flower bouquets.  Both the Carnival ( and DIY Beatles ( wedding bouquets had great, non-traditional ideas for wedding bouquet accents.

Who says your wedding bouquet has to be only created from flowers?  Do you remember my post from this past fall, “Are Vegetables and Fruits a New Wedding Flower Trend?”  We looked at how “each fruit or vegetable items brings with it, its own unique shape, and texture and in some cases vibrant, natural color.”

Many other non-traditional bouquet accents can bring with themselves an added element of color, texture and look to style a bouquet just like vegetables and fruitTuesday’s post showed us the playfulness of DIY handmade touches on your wedding bouquet.  Sweet candy lollipops accents dressed up the Carnival theme bridal bouquet.  While DIY colorful flags created a theme throughout the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, also used in reception centerpieces.

Handmade Non-traditional Wedding Flower Accents
Handmade Non-traditional Wedding Flower Accents; pinwheels-;; flags-; orange butterflies-

DIY added touches, candy, flags or other handmade accents like paper pinwheels or butterflies, can help put a personalized touch on wedding flowers.  All of our examples in the inspiration board definitely have their own style, the handmade accent takes everything a step further to add a touch of playfulness making each bouquet fun and memorable.

Dressing up Wedding Bouquets
Dressing up Wedding Bouquets; ribbon-; brooches; brooches #2-; feathers-

Adding accents can also dress up a bouquet, allowing a budget bride to start with an affordable option like premade silk flower bouquets.  Use premade bouquets and make them fuller by adding accents like ribbon, fabric, brooches, feathers or other natural items like pinecones.

A DIY bride doesn’t have to start from scratch and she is still able to make her special mark with her own style.  Just look at brooches that have been a popular, non-traditional item used with wedding flowers.  Their use can vary to the taste of the bride, whether as an accent on ribbon wrapped stems, used throughout the bouquet with flowers or instead of flowers in a bouquet.

Non-traditional wedding flower bouquet accents can be playful or fashionable.  They offer brides a way to design a bit of affordable style with personal touches.  Two wedding trends that will never be out of season.