Non Traditional Wedding Desserts

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Let them eat cake!  Or not.  Marie Antoinette might eat her own words if she knew today all the delicious alternatives to the traditional cake.

While Marie might have been a naive royal, blind to why her people were starving, don’t be naive in thinking a wedding cake is your only wedding dessert option.

Dessert options have really expanded in recent years to include cupcakes, dessert or candy bars, pies, cookies and other treats. reports that with the “exorbitant cost of traditional tiered wedding cakes have given way to nontraditional desserts”. The death of the wedding cake has made way for fun alternatives that show off a bit of personality for the bride and groom, while also saving them big costs on their wedding budget.

Now I’ve never met a cupcake I didn’t like, but this latest trend has definitely been a bit overdone; leaving you with the sense you’ve seen it before.  Today we’re going to explore a few different dessert options that promise to be tasty and original.


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New Bit Size Trend

Macarons are replacing cupcakes as the trendy bit-size treat at any party.  A french sandwich cookie made out of egg whites and sugar, macarons are an elegant finger food that will melt in your mouth.  “In the realm of wedding desserts, macarons are the belle of the ball,” stated by

They are available in all sorts of colors and flavors to customize your wedding menu.  Macarons have been popping up all over the wedding blog scene as a favorite new treat.  They look gorgeous arranged on layered cake stands at your dessert table or packaged up as take home favors for guests.  One of the hottest new DIY wedding project ideas is the Macaron tower, assembling an assortment of macarons vertically up a styrofoam cone with toothpicks. gives a complete how to project guide with great step by step photos.


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It’s Amore

I fell in love with this layered cannoli “cake” because honestly, cannolis are simply to die for.  Cannoli’s are an Italian, specifically Sicilian pastry; it is a fried pastry dough shaped as a tube cone filled with a mixture of ricotta cheese, sugar and chocolate chips.  It is the perfect combination of light, crispy dough with smooth, sweet insides. Yum.

Cannolis come in a variety of sizes.  Layer cannolis as seen in our example from to create a non traditional wedding cake with a bride and groom topper, and serve a smaller size cannoli for guests to have a bit size treat.

mochi ice cream,

More Mochi

Like the macaron dessert choice, mochi is a new upcoming trendy dessert option on the wedding scene. listed it in it’s top 5 unique wedding desserts for 2011,” Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection made from mochi (pounded stick rice) with an ice cream filling”  It comes in a variety of flavors like strawberry, green tea, chocolate, mango ect.; serve this unique dessert in cocktail glasses guests can taste test and mingle throughout the reception.

Get to Work

As you can see your wedding dessert choice is an ideal opportunity to show off some personality, whether you go with something fun and trendy, a traditional, romantic cake, or a sentimental family favorite.

Talk this wedding category over with your groom to see where his taste buds are leading.  Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, have a taste-testing evening.  Make up a few recipes on your own, or stop by your local bakery and bring home a few options.  My mouth is already watering……