Missy’s White, Orange, and Brown Wedding Inspiration Board

Missy writes:
“My wedding is in the fall and my colors are orange and brown. I want my flowers to be white roses with orange and then the bridesmaides to be white with orange and brown. Their dresses are orange. Can you suggest anything? Thanks! Missy”

Missy, I created your inspiration board with flowers in white, brown, and orange. I included white and orange rose as well as other flowers in white, orange, and brown. I think the bridal bouquet would look beautiful with white roses and orange dahlias and the same for the bridesmaids but with brown baby cosmos or ranunculus accents. Finish the bouquets by wrapping an orange or brown ribbon around the stems and accenting it with white pins. I hope you like your board!

Items used to create Missy’s White, Orange, and Brown Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Orange Open Bloom Rose, White Wisteria Bush, White Triple Pearl Pins, Brown Baby Cosmos, Orange Spider Dahlia, Brown Sheer Ribbon, Cream Rose Bud Boutonniere, Brown Ranunculus, White Ecuador Open Rose.