Mini Food Wedding Trend

What’s on the menu for 2013 wedding food trends?  I’ve blogged before about the cupcake craze and last year’s food truck trend, but what’s new right now in the wedding food world?

Mini food, is the hottest new trend. agrees, they recently blogged, “With the mini food trend rapidly growing for weddings and other party events, mini food ideas have become an endless array of unique little bites; everything from mini casseroles to mini pies.”

From traditional burgers and fries to gourmet appetizers with wine pairings we have to side with, “Anything in itty bitty form just seems to be so much more appetizing.”

Mini food wedding trend
Mini food wedding trend: fry cones-; wine pairing with apps-; burger skewer-; beet salad cups-

The mini food trend can give you a variety of options when planning your menu.  If you are looking for a more casual lite reception bite size yummies can allow guests the opportunity to nibble and mingle.  Keep in mind though if you aren’t providing table seating for everyone food options should be easy to handle and balance if some guests will be standing and eating.  Finger foods can be placed in paper cups or cones, something in layers can be placed on skewers.

American Classics Mini
American Classics Mini; mac and cheese-; burgers-; chicken and waffles-; grilled cheese with tomato soup-

The mini food trend can also allow you to serve some favorite classics like mac and cheese or grilled cheese with tomato soup shooters.  These American classics or comfort food are dressed up enough in their presentation for a formal reception yet with a playful twist that sets them apart from traditional wedding fare.

Mini Food Dessert Trend
Mini Food Dessert Trend; cookies and milk- Hello Naomi via; cream tarts-; petit fours-; milkshake shooter-

The cupcake craze could be at the heart of this current mini food trend.  However you are not to be boxed in when it comes to dessert options.  If you are looking for something less traditional than a wedding cake mini dessert foods at a dessert bar are your pick.  Mini pies, tarts or petit fours can be delicious bite size treats for reception guests.  Mix it up even more with milkshake shooters or cookies with milk in cocktail glasses.