Melanie’s Sangria, Pink, Green, and White Inspiration Board

Melanie writes:
I have seen so many of your inspiration boards, and never thought that I would need one created just for me. My wedding is in October 2010 and I am having trouble picking out flowers I think will go with Sangria and Silver wedding. My fiance is going to be wearing silver to match the accents in my dress which is white. Our wedding party is going to be wearing the Sangria color. Can you please help?? I thought I wanted to go with bright/light colors like pink, green, purple, and white, but after seeing some of these boards with darker colors I am not sure what to do. I cannot wait to see what you create.
Thank you so much,

Melanie, I actually very much love the idea of pairing brighter shades with the sangria. The whole color palette really “pops.” I created your inspiration board using brighter pinks, greens, white, and violet (which is like sangrai). I think the bouquets would look stunning made with a combination of these colors — perhaps with the violet dahlia, pink and white roses, and either green spider dahlia or calla lilies. Wrap a silver ribbon around the stems to tie in the silver color to finish off the bouquets. I hope this helps give you some inspiration!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Melanie’s Sangria, Pink, Green, and White Wedding Inspiration Board.

Dark Violet Gerbera Daisy, Rubrum Stargazer Lily, Premium Pink Open Rose, Green Calla Lily, White Open Rose, Violet Dahlia, Green Spider Dahlia.


  1. Hi,
    I am an Indian bride. For my recepyion I will be wearing a turquoise and red indian sarree. I am unable to decide what color flowers to use for the centerpieces. I am not sure if blue in centerpieces will look or not. I want to include peacock feathers in the centerpieces because I like the blue in them. Please can you help?
    Thanks a lot,

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