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Meagan writes:
My wedding is Sept 22,2012. It is taking place in small park by a gazebo. My dress is an empire waist, ivory-colored dress w/ a pleated skirt. My bridesmaids will be wearing jade jersey dresses.  My favorite colors are green, orange and yellow.  I got inspiration in flowers from a silk red-orange hydrangea (photo attached) I found at Michael’s. I would like to pair the hydrangeas w/ a bouquet picture I found online.  I think I found it on the   Also, I’m not sure what kind of flowers to use for my own bouquet. Could I use the same flowers and maybe mix in some cream roses? Any advice would be great!  Would these flower colors match with jade?

Thank you for all of your information.  It makes it a lot easier to select just the right bridal bouquet.  I found this inspiration photo from the Wedding Chicks and it contains a bright medley of colors.  The bouquet includes:  Red/Orange Roses, Cream Zinnia, Turquoise Blue Mini Cosmos, and Sunflowers.  I added a Cream Pink Rose to your board that would blend nicely with these colors.  You can use the premade Garden Sunflower Bridal Bouquet for your bridesmaids.  Wrap your bouquet with either Rustic Raffia Ribbon or an Elegant Satin Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy



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