Maria’s Navy Blue, Cream, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board

Maria writes:

I need some help! Can you create a design board for me using these ideas?:

Flowers: Calla Lilies

Colors: Cream White, Navy Blue, maybe a touch of light yellow

I just need some help with design ideas! Thanks!

Maria, I created your inspiration board with mostly calla lilies in cream, however I also including some roses, and sweetpea as well as blue and yellow colors. I think the bouquets would look beautiful made up of cream open calla lilies and calla buds, with blue and yellow roses. Or you could leave the blue out of the flowers all together and make the bouquets with the calla lilies and soft yellow roses or sweetpea and the wrap a navy blue ribbon around the bouquets stems. I hope this helps!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Maria’s Navy Blue, Cream, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Premium Blue Open Rose, Premium Cream Open Rose, Soft Yellow Rose, Navy Blue Satin Ribbon, White Triple Pearl Pin, Yellow Sweetpea, Premium Blue Rose Bud, Cream White Calla Lily Bud, Cream Calla Lily, Cream Calla Lily.

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