Mad MOH Week 8


I’m a big fan of bachelorette parties, and I know that the men out there love the don’t-ask, don’t-tell bachelor parties that they’ve been to.  Being the MOH, it’s my job to make sure my bride has the best time ever at her bachelorette party.  My male counterpart, the Best Man (BM) does the same for the groom.

I had been wracking my brains for the perfect idea that would be special for my bride and allow her to really relax and have fun.  Hmmm…it had to be something memorable and personal.  Also, it had to be something that everyone could do.  I had some great ideas:

Wine tour in style with a limo and her closest friends?

Image provided by Timkey Limo.

Taking a limo to the city, getting a hotel suite, and enjoying the club scene?

Making a trip to Canada?

None of these would do, however, because we had a small problem.  Actually, we had a couple of small problems. My fellow bridesmaid is not able to partake in any of the activities that include alcohol, due to her age, and no one had a passport for Canada.

Bummer.  Now what!?  My brain was on overload, trying to come up with a genius plan.

Meanwhile, I kept checking in with the BM.  Since the BM is one of our roommates, he was often quizzed. How’s the bachelor party planning going?  Have anything set yet?  Been saving for the party?

Every time the poor guy was in the same room with me, I was double checking his progress.  I started to get nervous about two months before the wedding because neither of us had any concrete plans, and it didn’t look like any were on the horizon.

No plans + no ideas = panic mode!

I didn’t want my bride and groom to feel bad.  I didn’t want to be known as the Miserly and Unprepared MOH!

Then, one night an idea started tickling my brain as I was making dinner. (Making dinner often brings out the creative side of me).  It was a soft murmur of an idea at first, but soon it was an all-out shout.  I was brimming with excitement, and immediately consulted with the BM, who looked quite relieved and excited himself.  We finally had a plan, and not just any plan – it was a great plan!  The more I thought about it, the more excited I grew.  I kept adding little details and tweaking and changing until, finally, it was perfect.

What kind of event would allow me to be sure that both the bride and the groom would have a good time?  What would be personal, and super-fun?  What could I do to make sure that all angles were covered, and my fellow bridesmaid could enjoy herself as well?

The answer to all of the above was: A Stag and Hag party!

For those of you who have never heard of it, this party is a grand notion!  The bride and groom spend their big nights out together, instead of having separate parties.  There are  several things that you could do with this, but we chose to have a huge, all-out, no holding back, time to let loose, everyone’s invited party for our couple.

Now for the details and planning…who’s It?

Anyone…?   Guys…?

Oh, ya…that’s my job.  How do I rope myself into these things?