Mad MOH Week 6


There I was, standing in a barn.  It wasn’t a smelly barn, though I could still catch a hint of fresh hay smell on the breeze.  It wasn’t a messy barn, either.  In fact, there was a gorgeous staircase and some neat chandeliers that added to the beauty of the 100 year-old girl. I did a slow turn and the voices of my bride, her mother, and the owner of the grounds faded out as I started to consider the possibilities.

This place had character!  I could do a lot with this barn.  Some lights, some flowers, and some country chic charm and we would be all set.

I was inspired.

The loft area of the barn during a reception. Photos courtesy of The Red House.

Hmmm…now to pepper my poor bride with questions again.

Me: “Round tables or rectangles?”

Bride: “Umm…”  Looks around and sighs. “I dunno, what do you think?”

Me:  “Round will be great, but what kind of tables are provided?”

Owner: “Rectangle.”

Me & Bride: “Rectangle it is.”

Me: “Lighting?”

Bride: “Twinkle lights, no overhead besides chandelier.”

A definitive answer…I was impressed.

Of course, as we toured the lovely Victorian mansion on the grounds and checked out all of the great features, more questions sprang to my mind.  There are a few things that make or break a reception site.  These are the questions that you need to ask before you make that deposit and commitment.

The Red House manor view from the barn. Photos courtesy of the The Red House

1.)  Restrooms?  Are there enough? Are they well maintained? Will they meet your guests’ needs?

2.)  Deposit?  How much, and what is the overall cost?  What does that fee include?  Any services?  Any decor?  Cutlery?       Waitstaff?

3.)  Timing?  How early can you get in to decorate?  Can you get in the night before?  When do you have to be out and cleaned up?

4.)  Parking and seating?  Enough room and convenient for all?  Is it handicapped accessible?

5.) Kitchen?  Are there coolers and stoves if you need them?

It turned out that the price was definitely right for the charm and accessibility of the place, and there was plenty of parking.  There were a few restrooms, so that worked well, and they provided tables, chairs, and many of the twinkle lights at no additional charge.  Then they hit me with the stunner…

We have to decorate the day of the wedding.  At 7am we would have possession of the keys, and we had to have the whole place completely ready for the reception before we started getting ready ourselves.  Because I offered to oversee the decorating, I stuck myself in an awkward spot.  As the MOH, I’m supposed to be with my bride and help her get ready for her big day.  How am I going to find the time to do both?  Not only that, but we also have to have the entire place cleaned up the night of the wedding. Umm…the best man better be planning on helping me with that one.

So…let’s recap.

1.) My bride made a great choice with her reception site, and I was wrong in my initial impressions.

2.) I may need a stunt double to pull this off.