Mad MOH Week 4



I had a lot to learn about my bride.  What were her colors?  Where was she getting married?  What the heck was that wedding date, again?

These are important questions.  The individual duties of a MOH can vary according to what the bride wants, but the basic responsibilities are still there.  Help the bride.  Go with her to fittings.  Provide advice and support.  Plan, organize, and financially support the bridal shower and bachelorette party.  Finally, go with your bride to every doggone bridal show that she wants to go to.

My bride had her first bridal show already scheduled by the time she bamboozled  me with biscuits.  I grabbed my business card holder (a MUST at bridal shows), my pen,  and a notebook to jot down any note-worthy trends that caught my eye, and we were on our way to the Fenton Grill for a small, local bridal show.  Generally, the best bridal shows are the ones held in large venues so that you can see the maximum number of vendors at one time.  There will be bakers, florists, photographers, venue sites, reception halls and hotels, favor makers, jewelers, and even travel agencies all clamoring for the bride’s attention.  Some even have fashion shows to display the latest in bridal fashions, or have their employees dressed in gorgeous gowns walking around the bridal show.  There is something for everyone, and eye candy all around!

Hello Vendors! Sponsored by Media One Bridal, the bridal show was held at the lovely Fenton Grill.

As we navigated through the maze of vendors, I learned a very important fact about my bride that day.  She is NOT an organizer.  She is NOT a planner.


Me: “Are you having a wedding cake, or are you going non-traditional?”

Bride:  “Um…I dunno.”

Me:  “Ok, do you like cake?”

Bride:  “Yes…but we like funfetti cupcakes better – you know, the ones with the little colored sprinkles inside?”

Me:  “Now we’re getting somewhere”.

A couple booths later…

Me:  “What kind of flowers do you want?”

Bride: “Um…I hadn’t really thought about it.”

Me:  “What kind of jewelry were you thinking of?”

Bride: “Well, I really hadn’t gotten that far yet.”

Me:  “Do you have a DJ?”

Bride: (starting to look a little pale and panicky) “Not yet..”


I could feel a sigh bubbling up from deep within me, and I struggled to contain my anxiety.  No DJ?  No cake plans?  No flower ideas?  We were within 9 months of the big day, and none of these decisions had been made yet.  Being someone who is fond of itemized, categorized lists, schedules, and due dates, I was having a mini panic moment.  But…I’m the MOH, remember?  First rule…take the stress off the bride.  I took a deep breath, collected my cards, and offered advice and suggestions.  By the time we walked out of that loud, colorful display of endless bridal choices, my ears were ringing and my head was spinning, but my bride looked excited and happy.  Mission accomplished, however….

This was gonna be more of a project than I thought.  What did I do with that bottle of antacids…?