Mad MOH Week # 11


I think that one of my favorite bridal rituals is the bridal shower.  There is something so traditional and powerful about a group of women getting together and showering the bride with love and support, and my bride was looking forward to it with excitement. This was one area that she didn’t have to be pestered with preference questions from her MOH. (At this point, pestered is probably the nicest word she has for all of my questions.)

I’ve broken down my bride’s wedding into 3 very important (and potentially stressful!) events, and I check them off with glee and focus on the next with grim determination: the bridal shower, the bachelorette, and finally, the Big Day.  Plans were already underway for the bachelorette, so I turned my attention to the bridal shower.

Traditionally, it’s the Maid of Honor’s job to throw the bridal shower.  Once again, I found myself sitting up in bed at midnight trying to come up with some great ideas.  Fortunately, I was saved by the grace of the MOB and MOG (mother of the bride and mother of the groom).  Both had been helpful so far, and MOB definitely has taken a personal interest in her only daughter’s wedding.  This can prove difficult at times because I don’t want to step on any momma toes, but in this situation it was a blessed relief.  I didn’t have to do this all alone!

We started by having a nice meeting with the bride, MOB, MOG, and myself out on the lovely patio of the MOG’s home.  My poor bride thought she was going to get away from questions.

Haha! Not this time.

My bride, her corsage, and her huge "I'm opening presents" smile. = )

What do you want to eat? What are you going to wear? What colors are you thinking of?  How many people are we going to invite?  Do you have a list of addresses? What kind of entertainment would you like?

My poor bride was like a cornered bunny.  She tired valiantly to have an opinion, but really, all she was looking for was a great day that was all about her and included…PRESENTS.  The rest of the stuff just wasn’t that important to her and she was perfectly content with leaving it up to us.

Between the three of us, we divided the duties and responsibilities, and I left with a plan of action and a set list of goodies to buy. Siiigh…I love solid plans and lists. = )

I bought some gorgeous silk gerberas and some of the small julep cups from our shop and made bright and cheerful centerpieces that would double as gifts.  Then, I collaborated with the ladies of my office to create a lovely wrist corsage as a surprise for my bride that would match her dress.  I dropped off silk gerbera heads to the bakery to arrange on the cake, and created some fun shower games.

These centerpieces were a big hit! 7 gerbera daisies, the small julep cup, some floral foam, a rhinestone pick, and 30 minutes was all it took.

On the day of the shower, I picked up my bride and presented her with her corsage which – thankfully! – matched her dress perfectly.  We went to pick up the cake, and she was stopped by at least 5 people who told her how beautiful she looked, and asked if the corsage and cake flowers were real.  By the time we left for the shower, her eyes were shining and she had the biggest smile, ever.

The shower itself was a big hit.  All of the ladies had fun, and my bride received the most wonderful, thoughtful gifts and marveled over each one.  The food was delicious, the games were fun, and the people were amazing.  When it was all over and everything was cleaned up, I drove my bride home feeling relaxed and content.  She had the best time, and a great day.

That’s what I like to hear!  Mission accomplished, now only 2 events to go.  We were headed into the home stretch, and the wedding was only 2 months away. Here we go!