Mad MOH Wedding Finale Part I


Finally the day had arrived!!  As the MOH, this was my final (and most important!) duty for my bride, and I was caught up in the wedding excitement and adrenaline rush.

My alarm shocked me into awareness at 6am, I was begging for gallons of coffee at 6:30, and arrived at the venue to start the set-up at 7am.  I was the first one there, and I took a moment to sip my coffee and soak up the quiet early morning solitude.  The grounds were beautiful…the sun was filtering through the barn and a gentle breeze was   stirring the dust motes, making them dance and sparkle.  Running through my to-do list, I put a hand on my nervous belly and regretted my second cup of coffee.

Hearing a car rumbling up the driveway, I peeked my head out of the balcony to greet my favorite girl.

Me: “You’re getting married todaaay!”

Her: “I’m getting married todaaaay!  God, I hope it warms up…”

I could see the nervousness shimmering all over her, but now was not the time for nerves.  We had to have the whole reception area set up, decorated, and ready by 10am.  More cars were coming up the drive, and the unloading began.  We hauled, organized, tied, beribboned, scattered, and placed with a fury.  Like worker ants, we each had a job and saw that task through with precision before turning our attention to the next task at hand.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous myself.  There was so much to do!  So much to unpack!  So much to set up!  Would we be done in time?  Why, oh why did I drink so much coffee?

As the setup progressed, I found myself feeling much like a general organizing my troops for battle:

Where were those doggone groomsmen….ahhhh!  They’re drinking already? For Peter Piper’s sakes…

Who’s arguing? What? Ok, I’ll handle it.

Hey, I just put those tables there…okay. Fine, they look better there, anyway.

Who left?  Are they coming back?  Ok, I’ll call…

Do we have flowers for these?  No?  We can’t just leave them plain like this! Ok, never mind, I’ll stop and grab some.

Watch that ladder!  Yikes!

Why would you toss that pack of tacks down to me instead of handing it to someone? Tacks all over…have to pick them all up so     no one gets one in their shoe. Jeez Louise…

All at once, it happened. Everything came together and after a quick moment to admire our work, we were free to start getting ready.  I left my bride, raced to the greenhouse for those flower pots, zoomed home to take the quickest shower in history and grab my husband and his wardrobe, then put the pedal to the metal to make it back to the manor to start primping with my bride.

She was fairly crawling out of her skin with nerves by this time, and her giggles weren’t entirely sane.  With the help of a glass of wine, she got those goofy giggles under control and started on her make up.  Being a cosmetology graduate, she wanted to apply her own makeup, but I could see her irritation level start to rise when she was asked for help with eyelash application, hair curling, and a myriad of other requests from others. Quickly, we dodged that storm and calmed her down again.  The talented and lovely photographer Julie, of Julie Rice Photography, arrived to document the madness.  With each step of the bridal ritual, my bride gradually relaxed and even began to smile.  With her makeup and hair complete, it finally hit her — in less than an hour, she was going to walk down the aisle and change her life forever.

Some finishing touches, the dress zipped, the hairpiece and birdcage veil adjusted just so, the jewelry lovingly clasped by the bride’s mother, and we were good to go.  We stepped out into the sunlight, killing time until everyone was set at the boathouse and my bride could make her grand entrance.

Then, a breathtaking and tissue-worthy moment when the father of the bride caught sight of her for the first time and put his sunglasses on to hide the emotion in his eyes…speaking unevenly as he struggled to tell her how beautiful she looked and how much he loved her.  That was definitely one of my fav moments, and Julie the photographer snapped away, capturing the moment forever.

At last!  It was time!  We all crammed ourselves into the bride’s tiny turbo beetle bug and zoomed to the boathouse where her groom and guests awaited.

We pulled up in her beetle and parked it nose to nose with her groom’s vintage beetle, then exited the car to walk straight down the path to the boathouse.  As I made it to my mark, I turned to watch my bride slip her arm through her father’s and smile at him.  She  was stunning.  The sun seemed
to spotlight only on her, and even the birds were quiet as she made her way down the aisle…then the quiet was broken as she was overcome once again with the nervous giggles.

As she made it to her groom, I could see the love shining in his eyes, and the rest of the world may have been invisible because he was focused entirely on her.  Standing behind her during the ceremony, I could see her shaking like a leaf.  Nervousness, anticipation, and adrenaline had started to kick in, and I was praying she wouldn’t pass out.  Before I knew it, though, the short ceremony was complete and the officiant was introducing the new Mr. and Mrs…

WOO-HOO!  We did it!  She made it down the aisle in one piece…giggling and shaking all the way, but she made it.


My job wasn’t over though.  Little did I know, it was just beginning….





Check us out next week for the finale to learn how cupcakes, birdcage veils, and missing microphones all combine to create a bridal breakdown.  Don’t worry though, Mad MOH was on the job. ; )