Lori’s Pink, Fuchsia, and Black Wedding Inspiration Board

Lori writes:
Can you help me with flower choices for my wedding? My dress is more hollywood romantic style in a diamond white, and we are doing the black and white damask with hot pink accents (basically fuchsia). For the flowers, I had thought that the bridesmaids would have a mix of the bright and soft pink colors, and for mine I wanted more of the softer pink shades. In addition I’ll have 8 centerpieces in tall vases with curly willow and would like to add some flowers in with that, but since I’m using the hot pink for part of the décor, would like to use a softer shade mixed with the brighter, but still have great color in it as the tables will be black with a damask runner, and on my other 8 centerpieces only have the flowers in the same tall vases. My bridesmaids will be wearing all black, and I’d like to make them all a bright pink hair clip for them all to wear, and preferably would like it to match a color or flower in their bouquet. If that isn’t too difficult, can you help me get some flowers choices together? I attempted yesterday to create it on my own and got a little frustrated at all my choices and not being able to decide so came to give it another try today, only to find this blog! Thanks in advance for the help!!

Lori, I created your inspiration board with different flowers types in shades of pink as well as black accents. You could always go with our pre-made confetti rose bouquets as we have both the pink colors you are looking for! Or create your our bouquets by using say a combination of roses, hydrangea, and gerbera daisies. All 3 of these flowers come in both pinks and fuchsias, so you could pick the colors accordingly. You could then bring in some of the black by accenting with black berries or wrapping a black ribbon around the bouquet stems. For the centerpieces, the fuchsia pink hydrangea would be a great accent as it has all your colors and you would only need a couple per tall vase. For the vases you have already with the curly willow, why not use the blooms from pink and fuchsia sweetpea. You could easily clip the flower blooms from the stems and add them to the branches themselves! Oh, and the hair pieces, we do have a fuchsia gerbera daisy hair piece available online. If you decide to go with a different flower type, simply remove the flower head from the stem and hot glue it to a hair comb for your own custom pieces. I hope this helps!

Dress from Alfred Angelo. Items used to create Lori’s Pink, Fuchsia, and Black Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Fuchsia Pink Hydrangea, Premium Pink Open Rose, Fuchsia Sweetpea, Fuchsia Gerbera Daisy, Pink Gerbera Daisy, Lilac Pink Ranunculus, White Pearl Pins, Black Berry Spray, Black Satin Ribbon, Fuchsia Pink Confetti Rose Bouquet, Pink Confetti Rose Bouquet.