Lindsey’s Wedding by the Lake: Chocolate, Olive & Cream Wedding Inspiration Board

Lindsey writes:

The colors for my wedding are dark brown, olive green, and cream. I am also trying to bring in a very dark purple. The wedding will be taking place outside at a family’s home on a lake. I love hand tied bouquets, and wild type of flowers. But Calla Lilies are my favorite! I also like orchids, normal lilies, Lilly of the Valley, Lilac, Bells of Ireland, Daylilies, and Peony. Hope that gives lots of options! Thanks so much! Lindsey

Lindsey chose a rich earthy color palette for outdoor wedding at her family’s lake home.  I selected flowers that were her favorites to create the wispy wildflower bouquet she requested.  To start her bouquet, she can create a base with the larger flowers(Peonies and Garden & Calla Lilies) and surround them with the smaller flowered stems (Bells of Ireland & Phalaenopsis Orchids).  To finish the bouquet simply wrap with the delicate Satin & Chiffon Ribbon.  To complete the look, our submersible Garden Roses in Cylinder Vases, would make a lovely & simple centerpiece.  Happy Planning! Mindy

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