Lily Wedding Flowers

When looking for wedding flowers brides-to-be are searching for what type of flower will fit their wedding theme and style.  But also just as importantly brides-to-be are looking at what will get them the most for their money.

The lily is an ideal wedding flower choice.  Lilies have a unique look that still works well in a variety of arrangements and paired with a variety of other types of wedding flowers.  They are versatile and the best part, lily wedding flowers are a great value.  A variety of different lilies are an affordable flower that can save you on individual stems and also lowers the quantity of flowers you’ll need in an arrangement because they are a larger bloom.

Lily Wedding Flowers ; bouquet and wedding cake-; pumpking with bouquet- Bloomed To Last; paper lily-

Lily wedding flowers aren’t limited to traditional yellow, pink, orange spring blooms.  Lilies can be incorporated into beautiful fall wedding flower arrangements.  Day lilies and tiger lilies are a vibrant orange the adds a pop to any rich fall palette of reds, oranges, browns, golds and greens.  Use single stems in vases, as wedding cake accents or slide lily stems into a wedding flower bouquet arrangement.  Silk lily stems  are available for under $3 a piece or can be found in sprays with multiple blooms and buds. Considering you will only need several in any of these arrangements that is a great deal!

Calla Lily Wedding Flowers; fresh flower; vase and boutonnierre- Jadyn Welch Photography from; bouquet-; pumpkin bouquet- Bloomed to Last

Calla Lilies are popular wedding flower.  Calla Lily stems are priced a bit higher than lily floral stems, but buying silk wedding flowers and in bulk you can still find savings.  Their unique silk, slender and sexy bloom has been a recent favorite to brides for any season.  Calla lilies look gorgeous in arrangements standing on their own or incorporated in arrangements with other flowers.  Orange, yellow and deep brown calla lilies are a stunning wedding flower choice in fall arrangements paired with textured items like billy buttons, berry sprays and greenery.

When planning what type of wedding flowers for your special day make sure you consider what look will fit your style but also what type of flower can achieve your look still at a great value.  Lily wedding flowers are a great example of a beautiful flower with a budget savings value.

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