Leah’s Bright Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Leah writes:
“This will be a fall wedding, but I don’t necessarily want “fall” flowers. I am also looking for tall reception centerpieces, these can have a fall theme.”

Leah, I love the idea of having a fall wedding, but incorporating some brighter colors in the mix as well. The combination of the orange, pink, and green is amazing! I created your inspiration board with these colors in different flower types. Any combination of these will look beautiful made into bouquets and centerpieces. For the centerpieces, since you are using tall containers, you could always add in a longer, hanging flower to drape down the sides. Check out this hanging bush for example: AF-SLK-FBP046-OR/TT. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Bouquet photo from The Knot.

Items used to create Leah’s Bright Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

27″ Open Rose Spray in Orange – SLK-GTR501-OR/YE

Triple Pearl Headed Pins in Apple Green – SMI-2723

27″ Ranunculus Spray in Orange – SLK-FSR502-OR

10″ Cymbidium Bouquet in Green – SLK-FBQ007-GR/BU

5/8″ Garbo Ribbon in Orange – GYR-162-3-29

18″ Dahlia Bush in Cerise Cream – SLK-FBD718-CE/CR

24″ Latex Calla Lily Spray in Orange – SLK-GTL221-OR

29″ Dahlia Spray in Two Tone Rubrum – SLK-FSD857-RB/TT