Labor Day Do or Don’t Holiday Weekend Wedding

At the cusp of a new season, jumping into Fall brides can take advantage of the best of two worlds.

The hot wedding, both temperature and trendy, wedding season winds down but couples can still enjoy the warm, sunny filled days and outdoor wedding venues.  The fall wedding season brings with it a new refreshing look, with fall color palettes and wedding flowers, while still taking advantage of the peak season for particular food, fruits, flowers and greenery.

With Monday’s Labor Day holiday right behind us, Huff Post Style begs the question in their recent post: Do or Don’t? Labor Day Weekend Weddings.  Kellee Khalil asks, “Labor Day is here, and couples across the nation bring up that age old question: is it OK to take advantage of your friends’ and families’ three-day weekend to throw the ultimate fete?

Fall wedding flowers and trends

While you weigh the pros and cons of planning a Labor Day holiday weekend wedding jot down just a few of Khalil’s top ten ideas for a holiday weekend wedding:

  • Location: host your wedding on a site with accommodations giving everyone a three day getaway
  • Wedding Flowers: dahlias are a beautiful fall wedding flower that is in season and cost effective
  • Personalized Details: splurge on some fun details like personalized heart straws to sip signature drinks in at your reception (personalized details are a hot wedding trend right now)
  • DIY lighting: DIY some romance at an outdoor venue with a string of lights and DIY covers made out of dixie cups or cupcake liners

Khalil’s top ten take into account several of the trends and benefits brides can take advantage of during the transition into fall.  Brides can enjoy the beauty and refreshing style of fall wedding flowers like dahlias, wild flowers, sunflowers and more, while still being able to plan an outdoor wedding.  Personalized details and DIY projects are always a good idea to put your own touch on your special day.  While one might be a splurge another might save you a few bucks to balance out your budget.

photo credits: wedding flower fall; outdoor wedding; personalized; DIY dixie cup lighting


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