Kristine’s Orange and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Kristine writes:

I’m having trouble deciding what types of flowers to use for my wedding next summer. I love orange and green, but I know too much of it would be a neon mess. The girls will be wearing a black knee length dress of their choosing (probably cotton) with different orange and green accessories. My plan is to have mostly white tables with with napkins to match the colors, and I’ll probably have hanging poms or lanterns in black, white, orange, and green.

So I have a decent idea about most things, but ideas for the flowers just haven’t come together. Any ideas for bouquets, boutonnieres, simple/small centerpieces, and just about anything else flower related?


Kristine, I love the combination of bright green and orange and don’t think the flowers in these colors would be a neon mess at all! For the bouquets, why not make them using orange roses, green spider dahlias, and orange lilies. Wrap a black ribbon around the bouquet stems to complete the look. For the centerpieces, why not alternate the orange and green on the tables (an all orange arrangement on one table and an all green on the next). Use simple flowers such as hydrangeas and perhaps fill the vase with citrus oranges and limes — real or dried, whole or sliced! I included an example of this on your board as well (the yellow arrangement). I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Items used to create Kristine’s Orange and Green Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Preserved Orange Slices, Green Ranunculus, Black Satin Edge Ribbon, Green Hydrangea Bush, Orange Garden Lily, Green Spider Dahlia, Orange Rose Bud, Green Triple Pearl Pins.

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