Kendra’s Chocolate Brown and Apple Red Inspiration Board

Kendra writes:
“I need some advice for wedding flowers. I would like to make my bouquets using calla lilies, hydrangeas, and stargazer lilies. My colors are an apple red and chocolate. My bridesmaids will be wearing apple dresses from davids bridal. Thank you.”

Kendra, I created your inspiration board with flowers in reds and browns, but unfortunately we do not have any stargazer lilies available in either color. I put a white lily as well as a green on your inspiration board. Since the lily is such a large and beautiful flower, you may only want 1-2 in the bouquets. If you need this, a contrasting color such as the white or green would be stunning. For the rest of the bouquet, you could make them using brown roses, red calla lilies, and red hydrangeas. I hope this helps!

Dresses from David’s Bridal.

Items used to create Kendra’s Chocolate Brown and Apple Red Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

26″ Large Open Rose in Brown – SLK-FSR168-CV

35″ Stargazer Lily Spray in White – SLK-FSL122-WH

35″ Stargazer Lily Spray in Green – SLK-FSL122-GR

26″ Sophia Open Rose in Red – SLK-FSR365-RE

28″ Hydrangea Spray in Burgundy – SLK-GTH855-BU

24″ Calla Lily in Burgundy Brown – SLK-GTL221-BU

28″ Latex Calla Lily in Crimson – SLK-GTL819-CS/TT