Keisha’s Colorful Spring Bouquet Inspiration Board

Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Aaron Shintaku  |  Venue:  Strawberry Farms

{Keisha’s Request}
My wedding is mid-April it will be outside and looking for inspiration on the flowers. I love all the bright colors for spring and would love to use any. My favorite color is green and my fiance’ is blue.

{Keisha’s Bouquet Details}
This vibrant inspiration bouquet via Enfianced features:  Purple Zinnia & Calla Lilies, Bright Pink Gerbera Daisies, Cream & Green Cymbidium Orchids, Orange Open Roses, Lavender~Violet Orchids, Yellow Billy Buttons, and Blue Hydrangea.  Add the finishing touches by wrapping the bouquet with White Satin Ribbon, and accenting with Blue Plumeria Decorative Jewel Picks.  Happy Planning, Mindy

“The Ladies” via Aaron Shintaku

“The Gents” via Aaron Shintaku

“The Flowers” via Aaron Shintaku | Colorful Bouquets & Branch Arch with Kissing Balls

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