Kathie’s Navy Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

Kathie writes:
“Our daughter is getting married in Sept 2010 in the mountain of NC. She has picked her main color to be navy blue. We thought about adding some burnt orange, greens (not emerald or anything as bright as lime green). Do you have another reccomendation for accents colors. We read about beige and brown, but wonder if it’s too drab. Plum maybe?
Please help!!
I love the idea of silk flowers.

Kathie, I created your inspiration board using all of the colors you mentioned in your email. I actually like a few of the ideas, but I put them all on there so you could pick what you liked best. I suppose it really depends what over look you are trying to achieve. If you went with blue, ivory, and deep purples — it will be very pretty and a little more classic. You could of course pump up the color by going with blue and orange — a really bold and contrasting look. Green is also a wondering accent to the dark blue color. Any combination of the flowers on the inspiration board will be beautiful. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Items used to create Kathie’s Navy Blue Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Orange Open Rose, Orange Gerbera Daisy, Green Dahlia, Antique Green Hydrangea, Blue Anemone, Dried Look Violet Hydrangea, Violet Gerbera Daisy, Vanilla Rose Bud, Premium Blue Rose.