Juliann’s Purple and White Wedding Inspiration Board

Juliann writes:
“Hi there!
My mother is playing a huge role in helping me plan, so I thought making one of these would really help her so she has the colors and flowers I want. Our wedding is on October 16th. The main color is going to be a dark purple, and the main flower is going to be the sunflower. I would like to incorporate calla lilies, and orchids. For the centerpieces, I would like to add some bead spray of some sort. Any other ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
Juliann ”

Juliann, I created your inspiration board with various flowers in white and purple, and well as the classic yellow sunflower. This splash of yellow will really make the wedding arrangements bold and beautiful! I think a combination of white calla lilies, white roses, purple orchids (perhaps 2 shades of purple), and the yellow sunflowers will be very beautiful!! I also put 2 different crystal bead sprays that will work well for centerpieces on your board. I hope this helps!

Items used to create Juliann’s Purple and White Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Cream White Open Rose, Purple Sunset Phalaenopsis Orchid, Antique Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid, Purple Garbo Ribbon, Crystal Bead Spray, White Foam Calla Lily, Mixed Bead Spray in Green Pearl, Eggplant Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid, Light Yellow Sunflower, Purple Snapdragon.