Joellyn’s Green, Pink, and Black Wedding Inspiration Board

Joellyn writes:
I’m getting married June 6, 2010 and I really like the look of black, bright green and bright pink. I really like orchids and calla lilys but I’m open for whatever looks good. The bridesmaid dresses are going to be black and I’m thinking the bouquets would be mostly green with an accent of pink. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!


Joellyn, I love the idea of pairing bright colors with black — so stunning! I created your inspiration board with green flowers, pink flowers, and black accents. I think your bouquets would look gorgeous made up of green ranunculus, pink roses, pink orchids, and green calla lilies. The combination of all these will create a perfect shape and beautiful bouquet. Wrap a black ribbon around the stems for that contrasting look. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Items used to create Joellyn’s Green, Pink, and Black Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Green Ranunculus, Watermelon Open Rose, Black Images Vase, Black Garbo Ribbon, Fuchsia Rose Bud, Green Wild Calla Lily, Fuchsia Real Touch Calla Lily, Pink Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid, Green Phalaenopsis Orchid.