Jessica’s Turquoise and Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration Board

Jessica writes:
“I am interested in having you help me with my wedding flowers. Our wedding will be November 6th 2010, on Anna Maria Island Beach, FL… the colors I have chosen are very bright, tropical colors. My bridesmaids dresses will be either hot pink with teal/turquoise sash, OR Teal/turquoise with a hot pink sash. I am looking for a bunch of single stem flowers and greenery, very tropical and colorful that also somewhat go with the bouquets I have attached. I really hope you can help me, im open to any suggestions!

Jessica, I created your inspiration board using flowers in white, turquoise, and bright pink. I also tried to included flowers that were featured in the photos you send me. Orchids are a beautiful and simple way to create centerpiece arrangements. Simple add a few stems to a tall vase and accent with tropical greenery or natural branches! For the bouquets, why not create them using fuchsia and white orchids, turquoise ranunculus (maybe even white too), and pink stargazer lilies. Use a turquoise ribbon around the stems to accent the bouquet. I hope this helps!

Dress from Amor’s Bridal.

Items used to create Jessica’s Turquoise and Hot Pink Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

31″ Real Touch Stargazer in Rubrum – SLK-FSL031-RB

32″ Phalaenopsis Orchid in Fuchsia – SLK-GTO300-FU

Triple Pearl Headed Pins in Pink – SMI-2722

1 5/16″ Wired Sheer Ribbon in Turquoise – GYR-1109-88

36″ Cymbidium Orchid in White – SLK-JSO008-WH

27″ Ranunculus Spray in Turquoise – SLK-FSR502-TQ

29″ Phalaenopsis Orchid in Fuchsia – SLK-GTO004-OC

27″ Bamboo Branch Spray in Green – SLK-PB5560

15″ Hibiscus Bush in Pink – SLK-FBH883-PK


  1. I LOVE it LeAnne, pretty much exactally what I pictured in my head. Totally love the ideas for the center pieces. It will work out perfectly with the tall, cylindar vases we have. Thank you so much for all your help and effort with this. I will e-mail you pictures of everything as it falls in to place!


  2. Fantastic! I am so glad that you liked the inspiration board!!! I think this wedding will look amazing — please do send over pictures!!! Thanks! 🙂

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