Jenny’s Cornflower Blue and Yellow Sunflower Inspiration Board

Jenny writes:
I’m having an outdoor wedding. Our colors are blue and green but I would like some yellow in my bouquet too, preferably black eyed susans, or small sunflowers, or Gerber daisies. I included a couple pictures that I found on the Internet, maybe there is a way to combine them or a better way I’m just not thinking of?

Jenny, Thank you for including the photos and I think I found the perfect combination from Ashleigh Jayne via Labelle Bride.  It combines:  Bright Yellow Mini Sunflowers, Rose Buds & Gerbera Daisies, Cornflower Blue Iris & Hydrangea, Cream Hydrangea, and Lavender.  To save some time, you can always use one of our premade Bridal Bouquets like the Sunflower Bouquet.  Wrap your bouquets with Sheer and Satin Ribbon.  To find additional inspiration, visit our Wedding Design Ideas, where we featured an entire Sunflower Wedding Theme.


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