Jenn’s Casually Classy Yellow & White Inspiration

Jennifer writes:
Flowers overwhelm me! My fiance and I have decided to go with artificial flowers due to our budget (and real flowers seem like such a waste of money to me!), and I’m putting the bouquets and arrangements together. Our wedding color is cobalt blue (royal blue), and the bridesmaids will be wearing cobalt blue. I would like to have a white bouquet and am thinking about having the bridesmaids carry yellow and white bouquets. Our wedding is casually classy. I love daisies and roses. Please help!

Jennifer, I understand how wedding planning can get stressful and we are here to help!  For your bridesmaids bouquet, I chose an inspiration photo from  It contains Bright Sunny Yellow Gerbera Daisies & Soft Yellow & White Bud Roses.  The inspiration photo you sent me from contains Pure White Gerbera Daisies, Open Garden Roses, Bud Roses, and Orchids.  To make it simple you can use an adjustable  Satin Bouquet Wrap to complete your bouquet.  We have helpful Design Videos & Wedding Design Ideas available to assist you in creating your own bouquet.

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