Jay’s Peach, Orange, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board

Jay writes:
“The colors of my wedding are cantoloupe and jalepeno. Please create an inspiration board for my wedding on May 29, 2010. Not sure if my flowers should be bold or light or even a mixture. Also it would be cool to add another color not found in dresses like yellow or peach thanks. Jay”

Jay, as for bold or light — why not both?! I created your inspiration board with flowers in orange, yellow, and peach. I think the combination of the soft peach with a brighter yellow and orange will look beautiful! For the bouquets, why not make them using orange roses or gerbera daisies, yellow pink dahlia, and yellow stargazer lilies. Wrap an orange ribbon around the bouquets stem to brighten the bouquets even more. I hope this helps give you some ideas.

Items used to create Jay’s Peach, Orange, and Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (starting clockwise at the top left):

Yellow Pink Dahlia, Yellow Stargazer Lily, Orange Gerbera Daisy, Yellow Peach Rose Bouquet, Orange Chiffon Ribbon, Peach Calla Lily, Orange Open Rose, Orange Calla Lily.