I Love You, Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Let’s get down to it, that four letter word that is a the center of any wedding and celebrated today by millions of couples world wide….. L O V E.

Love.  That’s right, love makes the world go ’round.  I have to say there are an assortment of things in my life that I  feel deeply about, that I love and that help define me as a person.  I can also say there is one special man in my life that has captured and holds my heart.

These things and this man, well they make my world go ’round every single day, with love at the center of it all.  For a special Valentine’s Day post I’ve pulled a little inspiration from that four letter word L O V E.

wedding party- greylikesweddings.com
wedding party- greylikesweddings.com; ombre aisle- tumblr.com; card garland- etsy.com seller countrychiq; cake- rocknrollbride.com; balloon couple- tressugar.com, escort cards- brides.com

Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day wedding or a wedding anytime of year based around the love of two people, you need to remember one key factor.  That is to celebrate your love.  Don’t forget why you’re having countless friends and family come together for your special day.  They are there to witness your commitment to each other and vows of love.  Have fun and celebrate this love and who you are as a couple!

I’m all about the little touches, details.  If you can pull some DIY wedding projects off and incorporate them into your wedding decor go for it.  Personalization will set your special day apart and help to speak to who you are as a couple.  Not a DIYer, no problem sites like etsy.com were made for you.  You can still find custom pieces like the trendy hand-painted peg cake toppers for a more personalized wedding touch.

Don’t be afraid to break with tradition.  I love this fabulous, non-traditional wedding cake from rocknrollbrides.com. It is a different take on the traditional white, frosted wedding cake but not as trendy as cupcakes and a dessert bar.  A beautiful accent to a rustic, vintage or romantic wedding theme.

Let this Valentine’s Day find you surrounded by the things and people you love.  We each have our own love story to tell and follow, may we each find true love that can keep our world going ’round.