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There are so many big ticket items to think about when planning your dream wedding, from renting your venue, picking a wedding dress to ordering your reception cake.  Everything adds up fast and doesn’t always come in at what you set your budget for.

Don’t feel the pinch of your dwindling budget and start to skimp on your dream, fairy tale wedding look.  Accessories and the little extras are going to be the first thing you’ll start to cut or cut back on when your budget starts to bulge at its seams.  While your big ticket items are things you can’t go without, don’t be careless and forgo the little things that are also important to bringing your whole wedding look together.

Plan smart! With the right game plan, you can make it work.  Today’s how-to post is how to score affordable, yet fashionable bridal jewelry that will tie your look together.  We all wish we could waltz into a jeweler and have our pick of our favorite gems, or be as blessed as the red carpet stars and have gorgeous jewels loaned to us for one special night.  Alas, that is just a dream.

Jewels by Park Lane is a company that offers an alternative.  In a way comparable to the affordable, silk wedding flowers has to offer,  Jewels by Park Lane offers you affordable, faux fashion jewelry that will cut down on the cost but not your look.  The company has been around for over 50 years and the way it works is you contact a local representative (or you might have a friend that already is set up as a rep) and you host a party.

Find out how to make a party work for you.  And if you still can’t settle on what look and price range is right for you, might be the answer with endless opportunities and resources.  Let’s take a look.

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Hostess with the Mostess

By hosting a party for Jewels by Park Lane you will earn award points, order credits, and bonus items.  Once you’ve booked a party, there are tiered levels based on what is brought in by your party earning you a certain amount of dollars for a “shopping spree”.  A bigger added bonus is by hosting a party you are opened to special hostess-only collections.  After peering through the bridal collection catalog it’d be worth it to get your special look with these great collections.

Make this work for you.  Bridal jewelry is something you are definitely going to have to purchase, even if you go with something borrowed you’ll have to find the right matching items.  Don’t wait till the last minute and hope there will be enough left in the budget for a splurge on bridal bling.  Set up a party with a group of friends.  You’ll get a girls night with some fun, food and festivities.  Even if your party doesn’t bring in the highest tier earnings, you’ll still be eligible for hostess-only collections and at least get a little savings with award or order credits.

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Support Independent Artists

A second option for affordable bridal jewelry is; is an online marketplace that sells vintage or handmade goods.  You can search by sellers, categories or a more specific search like “bridal jewelry“.  If you are on the look out for something unique, this would be your stop.

Handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are offered in endless styles.  If you don’t find quite what you’re looking for, contact the seller and see what you can come up with.  Another helpful feature is that you can set your price range. While gorgeous gems that range hundreds of dollars are beautiful and inspiring, you want to see what you can work with for your bridal look and budget.  This site puts the resources of great, artistic talent from around the world right at your fingertips.

Endless Options……

There are so many different looks, styles, and options out there when it comes to bridal jewelry.  Stop by Saturday for a featured post of Bridal Jewelry Affordable Finds.  I’ll share with you my top picks from Jewels by Park Lane, bridal jewelry sellers and a few more surprises to inspire – and, as always, save you money.

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