How to Plan Your Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding takes a bit of organization, and a lot of decision making.  Deciding on your wedding colors and type of wedding flowers are just two of the many choices you’ll have to make during your planning stages.  Not to outweigh  big decisions like your wedding date, location, or wedding dress, but deciding on wedding colors and wedding flowers are a big contemplation as they can set the tone for your wedding day.  Liz from wrote a recent post on Your Wedding Flowers and How to Swing Them, a great guide of where to start when planning your wedding flowers. (it must be something in the name, she has some great information to share)

Liz shares,“Most of my brides come at the whole wedding flowers thing in one of two ways:  They know exactly what they want, or they have no clue.”  She suggests when starting your wedding flower planning to, “start before you even meet with a florist and pull all the basic numbers. Writing it down beforehand is going to make you feel a little bit more in control, and it’ll bring up  questions that you haven’t thought of.”

After you’ve broken down the basics like how many centerpieces, bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres for the bridal party and family you’ll need, figure out the percentage of your budget you’ll be able to spend on wedding flowers.  From there you can begin to make decisions on wedding flower colors and types.

Keep in mind you don’t have to rely on the knowledge of a florist to help you plan your wedding flowers.  Many websites like allow you to search by wedding flower color or wedding flower type, giving you options to work with for your special day.  Reach out and use more of our resources for inspiration like searching for wedding design ideas by theme with great how to videos for step by step instructions.  If you are still a bit undecided on what direction to take your wedding flower types or colors email and have her create a personal wedding inspiration board just for you!

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