How to Make a Cascading Fall Bouquet

Just in time for fall, learn how to make a cascading bouque with dried and silk wedding flowers.  This unique bouquet will make a lovely arrangement for any fall or rustic wedding.YDBtRtPr6cJZfFc3XjXyNgDvven69RkpZPNQo1RwAm8First you will need to gather your supplies.  We used both preserved and artificial flowers in this bouquet to create a natural fall look you won’t believe isn’t fresh.  We used natural protea flower pods in red orange, dried yarrow in red, artificial berries, artificial succulents, ferns, orchids, a hanging hops bush, floral tape, wire cutteres, burlap ribbon, and pins.je33K2lYgV1VX1o3MP13_ttTQx_zFS3zBXIHAOOPhdo1) Begin by holding several stems in you hand.  Wrap these stems in floral tape to secure in place.
vXU1sLtHbmOhmHfQPMfCf0ANLDzwbPjJc4q7wkj8XH82) Continue adding stems, working your way around the bouquet in a circle.  Add similar stems at equal distances around the bouquet.  Wrap with floral tape.
sf_Q-hPeiLBvAKHmQnjFII_kKtrFxzgH9uCncwNOWQk3) When you are happy with how your florals look begin adding your accent greenery.  Using your wire cutters, clip individual stems off a fern bush.  Add to your bouquet and secure with floral tape.
-lULxtB9hgjzSUUSYZDglWCrG4wIC19sjnlSJtiaMYc4) For the cascade add the hanging hops to the bouquet.  Because these are artificial  you can add a slight bend to the wire stem for a more dramatic look.  Wrap the completed bouquet with floral tape to thoroughly secure.
R2ZVYGK-In0kamvC05rbTkpEq31Wmv9rn9cj2KlyKkg5) For the finishing touch wrap the stems in your favorite ribbon to cover the floral tape.  We chose a buralp ribbon for our fall themed bouquet.  Cut a large section of ribbon.  Secure the ribbon to the bouquet with a pin.  Wrap the stems with enough ribbon to cover the tape.  Clip any access ribbon and secure with pins.
P7Wwn6SiGufGD-cJI9aSZtGDMh2TNiFfsaBiIorRD4E copy copy6) Use your wire cutters to cut the stems below the wrap so that they are even for a more manicured look.  
o9T0sKEkb0Z9N7PXBGWIGlzNH6zvLDB-lPeiTinUBpU copy SLuwljT4RNIzpudR1PoWmImjiamZWQFpEsIa4S8vpLM copyYou now have completed your very own fall bridal bouquet!  You will be able to walk down the aisle knowing you made this beautiful flower arrangment and you will have it for years after as a reminder of your wedding day.
s7TeWH7DjI-zk9PDeuEJA_nr0KO9FGRxuwX3F7UtgwM copypmpELKts18BwKw3-m9RcGRyChx_HK7JwYnxuI-MMwko9rBaKBOCvg8fRhuqc-dy4ewsk7hDAwFcFq_rBL4WASUUGILMuWQ0YM5wggPWHELcqTNvL3a_203LAn_TQXWjmgFor more tips follow our helpful DIY video.
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