How to Avoid Post Honeymoon Weight Gain

I would venture to say that most women lose weight before their wedding. Maybe you’ve been working out like crazy. At the very least, you’ve probably been paying close attention to the food you’ve been putting into your body. Whether you’ve been dieting and exercising, or losing weight due to stress, weddings seem to be the biggest occasion for which to whip that body into shape.

Now I will also venture to say that, aside from pregnancy, the time following your wedding seems to be the easiest time to gain that weight back.  You know you are finished with that wedding dress (unless you like to occasionally put it on, pop open a beer or pour a glass of wine, and watch a good chick flick).  You are enjoying the comfort and security of married life (no more playing the field for you; you’ve got your man!).  So you pay a little less attention to the food you eat.  Maybe you slack off a little in your work out routine; maybe you even give yourself a break from working out.  Before you know it, those parts of your body you worked so hard to tone start looking a little softer.  Let’s talk about how to avoid this!


First of all, try thinking about eating right and working out as healthy lifestyle choices rather than quick fixes prior to a major event.  You have a partner who just vowed to spend his/her life with you.  Shouldn’t you work to make that life as long as possible?

When you exercise, you feel better.  Even if you maintain something as simple as taking a walk every morning or every evening, you will get some endorphins flowing and you will FEEL better!  (An activity as simple as walking can also make it easy to get your partner involved, and can be time you share as a married couple.)

I suppose it’s different for everyone, but when I was first married, I looked for ways to feel more “wifely.”  Cooking for my husband did just that.  I started to enjoy grocery shopping, planning meals, and making healthier meals we both enjoyed.  We saved money by eating at home, and spared ourselves some unnecessary calories by avoiding eating out.




Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be just that:  a LIFESTYLE, not just a way to slim down when you need to fit into that little dress.  You don’t need to do it alone; get your husband involved!  Then the bond between you and your spouse will grow without it showing in your waistline!