Hot Wedding Trends Inspiration gives us full access to the Hartman Studio’s, of Northern California, wedding event.  This annual event previews their newest collection and some of the hottest new wedding trends. boasts, “they are truly spectacular at what they do and are considered the high end event rental company of Northern California.”  A ticket to this event is like “an invitation to an Oscar Party.”

The industry event at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco previewed ten vignettes inspired by famous or fictional women. gives us a run down of all ten themes in their full post, Hottest New Wedding Trends- Hartman Studios.

Hartman Studios doesn’t hold back with inspiration and creativity, they have something for every style bride from elegant, vintage to glam rock.  They showcase what they do best with beautiful backdrops and palette selections paired with gorgeous wedding flowers and just the right use of the hottest wedding trends.  All photo credits to Orange Photography at the event, posted by

Popular right now in the wedding world and seasonally are outdoor weddings.  Hartman Studios gives brides two inspiration options for styling an outdoor, themed affair.  The classically, romantic Scarlett O’Hara of Gone With the Wind or the whimsical, woodland Alice in Wonderland.

Scarlett O'Hara theme,
Hartman Studio’s Scarlett O’Hara theme, Orange Photography

Scarlett O’Hara offers a forever, classic and romantic look with hedges, plants and trees lit with outdoor lanternsWedding flowers are classic, boldly red and full.  The Alice in Wonderland is a bit more playful with a tea party set for family style seating and mismatched vintage settings, both trendy reception options.

Hartman Studio's Alice in Wonderland theme, Orange Photography
Hartman Studio’s Alice in Wonderland theme, Orange Photography

Inspired by rocker Pink!, Hartman Studios glams up a pink and black wedding theme.  Chic floral arrangements, trendy metallics and statement pieces like the screen and projector for music videos rock this theme.  Wedding flowers are kept soft and feminine for a great juxtaposition against dark tones and sleek metallics in decor.  Colored LED lightening is a trend must for this look.

Hartman Studio's Pink! theme, Orange Photography
Hartman Studio’s Pink! theme, Orange Photography

One of this year’s hottest trends has to be 1920’s decor.  Mary Crawley, of the popular Downtown Abbey series, vignette hits this look with rich textiles, china and glassware and ornate chandeliers and candle holders.  Decor in gold and back keep decor classic yet still over the top as with ’20’s style.

Hartman Studio's Downtown Abbey theme, Orange Photography
Hartman Studio’s Downtown Abbey theme, Orange Photography

This list goes on as Hartman Studio also highlights several modern fashion and movie goer themes.  A true credit to their styling talent all showcased by’s event access.  Who was your favorite femme fatale?  The outdoor classic, beauty of Scarlett O’Hara or fun, whimsical Alice?  The glam of modern rocker Pink! or a touch of rich, ’20’s style?  Personally I’d like to see what they’d do with one of my favorites like Audrey Hepburn for a classic, chic affair or something artsy like Georgia O’Keefe!