Hope’s Sangria, Kelly Green, and Champagne Inspiration Board

Hope writes:
“My wedding is in April and my wedding consultant is having a problem finding artificial flowers in sangria color. My colors are sangria, kelly green, and champagne.
Can someone please help me?”

Hope, we have some violet flowers that are very, very close to the sangria colored dresses. I think these will work perfectly for you. I created your inspiration board with flowers in violet as well as green and ivory. I think the bouquets would look beautiful made up of green bells of ireland, champagne or ivory roses, and the violet gerbera daisies and rose buds. I hope this helps you out!

Dress from David’s Bridal.

Items used to create Hope’s Sangria, Kelly Green, and Champagne Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

18.5″ Phalaenopsis Orchid in Violet – SLK-HSO159-VI

27″ Open Rose Spray in Champagne – SLK-GTR501-CN

27″ Small Bells of Ireland in Green – SLK-GTI960-GR

23″ Hydrangea Spray in Cream – SLK-FSH823-CR

23″ Premium Open Rose in Vanilla – SLK-FR2007-VA

22.5″ Princess Mary Rose Bud in Violet – SLK-FSR352-VI

5″ Green Bells of Ireland Kissing Ball – SLK-AA0375-GR

24″ Gerbera Daisy in Dark Violet – SLk-FSD338-VI/DK