Holly’s Purple, Turquoise, and Brown Wedding Inspiration Board

Holly writes:
“I am getting married June 11, 2010 and like many other brides I have chosen a peacock theme. I don’t want to over-do-it with the peacocks, but would like your input on fresh flower selection. I am planning on using a bright purple, chocolate brown, and a peacock green/blue. I definitely want to incorporate fiddlehead ferns into my bouquet. What other suggestions would you make?

Holly, I am in love with fiddlehead ferns as well and think they will make a wonderful additional to your wedding arrangements. I created your inspiration board with flowers in blue, turquoise, brown, and purple. I think the bouquets would look great made up with brown roses, purple iris, and turquiose ranunculus (or blue roses depending on the blue you want to use). Then, you can add in the ferns and a hint of peacock feathers to tie it all together and complete the look! I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Items used to create Holly’s Purple, Turquoise, and Brown Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

23″ Premium Open Rose in Blue – SLK-FR2007-BL

22″ Gerbera Daisy Spray in Brown – SLK-FSD869-CV

22″ Gerbera Daisy Spray in Turquoise – SLK-FSD869-TQ

28″ Single Stem Iris in Purple – SLK-GTI901-PU

30-35″ Natural Peacock Feathers – KNU-32823001 (coming soon!)

5/8″ Garbo Ribbon in Dark Purple – GYR-162-3-10

21.5″ Gerbera Daisy Spray in Purple – SLK-GTD572-PU

27″ Ranunculus Spray in Turquoise – SLK-FSR502-TQ

26″ Large Open Rose Spray in Brown – SLK-FSR168-CV

23″ Premium Open Rose in Purple – SLK-FR2007-PU