Heidi’s Medley of Six Shades Inspiration Board

Heidi writes:

I LOVE bright colors! My bridesmaid dresses are actually 6 different colors (dark purple, clover green, royal blue, royal purple, light blue, and dark green – see attached picture). I am clueless when it comes to flowers, but I know I love lilies of any kind! I’d love inspiration for bouquets,corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc! Thanks!!

Heidi, I am so glad you are not afraid to use color.  Your David’s Bridal color palette of Lapis, Clover, Horizon, Regency, Cornflower & Holly were a litte challenge for me.  I found a clever bouquet that contains hues from all of your colors from American Florist.  The bouquet consists of Purple & Blue hued Garden Hydrangeas blooms, Full Romantic Green Open Roses, Elegant Calla Lilies, Clusters of Green Berries & carefully wrapped in a Satin & Chiffon Ribbon.   All of these glorious colors in the bouquet would look nicely against your bridal gown or be carried as a bridesmaid bouquet.  Since you love Lilies you could choose to carry a hand-tied gathering of  Calla Lilies tied with Satin Ribbon from our Calla Lily Wedding Ideas.  Our multicolored Premade Bouquet with Ranunculus, Cornflower & Roses will also nicely compliment your bridesmaid dresses.

Please take a look at our Wedding Design Ideas, we have a complete collection of Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces, Chairback  and more tutorial Videos.  Also, we have a helpful videos on how to make a Boutonniere & Corsage.


  1. Mindy,
    I love it!! I’ll definitely be putting together something similar 🙂 Thanks so much for your help!!

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