Heather’s Horizon Blue and Clover Green Inspiration Board

Heather writes:
“My name is Heather. I am planning a June 2011 wedding. I have 3 different styles for bridesmaid dresses in horizon blue and clover green all from david’s bridal. My Maid of Honor will be in a blue dress with a green sash, while the other bridesmaids will be in a green dress with a blue sash. I want to include white roses in my bouquet, but don’t have to have them for the bridesmaids. I’m not sure what type of flowers I should use except for roses, as this is my middle name and has always been a must have for my wedding! Thank you for your help!”

Heather, I created your inspiration board with a few different flower types in greens and blues — and made sure to include the white roses!! I think the bouquets would look very pretty made up of white roses (open and buds), green bells of ireland, blue roses, and green hydrangea accents. The white roses mixed in with the blue and green flowers will be really stunning! You can finish the look by adding a beautiful blue ribbon around the bouquet stems and accent with green pins. I hope this helps!

Dresses from David’s Bridal.

Items used to create Heather’s Horizon Blue and Clover Green Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

31″ Hydrangea Spray in Blue – SLK-GTH857-BL

34″ Premium Hydrangea in Light Green – SLK-GTH402-GR/LT

28″ Ecuador Open Rose in White – SLK-GSG037-WH

27″ Bells of Ireland Spray in Green – SLK-GTI960-GR

23″ Premium Open Rose in Blue – SLK-FR2007-BL

1 5/16″ Wired Satin Edge Ribbon in Blue – GYR-141-9-18

2″ Corsage Pins in Apple Green – SMI-0969

24″ Ecuador Rose Bud in White – SLK-GSG038-WH


  1. This looks great! Thank you. I was having trouble deciding on what blue and green flowers to put with the roses so that they aren't too large in comparison to the size of the roses 🙂

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