Graffiti Inspired Bold, Chic Wedding

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Graffiti or street art is about being bold, graphic and showing off some personal style.  It’s urban, fresh and creative.

A variety of graffiti styled wedding inspiration has been popping up all over the wedding world realm.  From bold, urban backdrops for engagement photos, chic, urban bridal wedding flower inspiration, bridal accessories to wedding cakes, street art is a hot new trend influencing wedding styling.

Create your own custom, urban, chic wedding theme by taking a few ques form urban graffiti.  The main ideas to pull from street art for inspiration are graphic elements, bold color and a lot of personal expression. wedding flower inspiration

Color Me Chic, with Wedding Flowers

Color.  You want something that is going to catch your eye, drawing attention for its saturated hues.  Wedding flower bridal bouquets are an ideal area to add a pop of color.  Choose a wedding flower color that is bold and vibrant, then pair it with one or two complementary colors or one or two neutrals to really make your choice pop.

For some bold, yet chic wedding flower ideas I grabbed two examples from, one from wedding design ideas ,the other the new feature customer showcase.  (load your own floral creations to the facebook page or email to be featured on the customer showcase page) The first example the colorful wildflower clutch shows how pairing complementary colors in your wedding flowers will help colors stand out.  Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel and used often in art like graffiti and with advertisers to catch your attention.  The second example sent in by Connie, an customer, shows how to pair one or two bright wedding flower colors with two neutrals, white and black.  The neutrals accent the two bright color choices, pink and green, while also keeping the look well put together and chic.

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Street Art Trend

Trend alert.  Graffiti murals in urban settings are a popular backdrop for engagement and/ or wedding photos.  Whether you’re intrigued by the art itself or the urban setting, street art is definitely a different take on the traditional photo-shoot setting.

The example from shows how you can style an engagement photo using elements from street art to your advantage.  If you’re lucky enough to come across a piece with key words like love, hope, happiness etc. use it to your advantage.  And again if not work, with your photographer to crop and use a section of the piece focusing on certain areas of color or featuring specific letters, perhaps you could work in a monogram.

Graffiti wedding accessorie showcase

Graphic Style

Graphic elements and personal style.  The trend is making its way into other areas of wedding planning and decor.  You can’t imitate street art any more literally than making your own.  I’m in love with these graffiti style wedding shoes from  Taking art, expression and custom wedding accessories to a new level, this look isn’t for every bride but it’ll be a perfect look for those who want to make a bold statement.

Similar to the graffiti styled wedding shoes, this graffiti wedding cake from let’s you have a little fun.  Proclaim your love with fun tags on a simple, chic fondant cake.  Personalize your messages to be meaningful to you and your groom.  If it’s a little too urban for you add a few wedding flowers around the base of the cake for some color.  If nothing else wouldn’t this be a fun groom’s cake?

Make it Your Own

I hope you were able to pull some inspiration from our graffiti art, bold & chic wedding ideas.  Use the elements and ideas that work best for you to customize your wedding experience.  Remember to pull inspiration from the bold, complementary colors of street art for colorful, vibrant wedding flowers that will make a statement, use graffiti murals as a backdrop for photo-shoots to really “say something” and last but not least find a few creative ways to incorporate the vivid personal style associated with street art into your wedding accessories.


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