Grace’s Modern Lavender Purple & White Wedding Inspiration Board

Bouquet Photos:  Sarah Rhoads | Floral Designer:  Loves Me Flowers

{Grace’s Request}
Hi Mindy,  I will be having a traditional afternoon wedding ceremony at a cute church chapel (with dark wood rafters and all), followed by an evening reception at a large cultural and art museum. My wedding colors are gray, purple, and white. For the ceremony, the purple we’re using is more lavender in tone while at the reception we’re looking at a darker/richer shade. I’m looking for help with creating separate BM and bridal bouquets and a centerpiece idea that will match the modern sophistication of the museum. Help would be appreciated!! 🙂

{Grace’s Bouquet Details}
These two lovely inspiration bouquets, from a modern Seattle Wedding via Every Last Detail, feature an array of soft purple hues.  The top bridal bouquet includes: Lavender Lisianthus & Open Roses, White Bud Roses, Calla Lilies, & Hydrangea, and Lamb’s Ear Greenery.  The bottom bridesmaid bouquet includes:  Mixed Purple Hydrangea premade Bridal Bouquet, Lavender Open Roses, Eggplant Calla Lilies, and Lamb’s Ear Greenery.  To finish each bouquet, wrap with Lavender or Silver Stardust Ribbon.  Happy Planning, Mindy

Elegant White Hydrangea Centerpieces in a Cube Floral Vase.

Photos:  Sarah Rhoads | Floral Designer:  Loves Me Flowers





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