Ginger’s Black, White & Silver Inspiration Board

Ginger Writes:
My colors are also black, silver, and white. I need help making my bouquet, or can I buy them already put together. Looking for fake flowers, that look and feel real.

Black, white & silver is a modern & dramatic choice for a color scheme.  Ginger wanted a Cinderella type bouquet.  Although we do not make bouquets to order, we were more than happy to help Ginger compose her bouquet.  For a beginner, it is easier to start with a premade bouquet in solid white roses.  To accompany the all white bouquet, we chose an elegant duo of orchids in Black &  White.  To finish, add some princess sparkles with our crystal  bouquet sprays, jeweled buckle & silver peacock feathers!

We featured our phalaenopsis orchid centerpiece design idea, fluffy flower petal kissing ball, and glittered branches to compliment her sophisticated wedding color scheme.